Le contrôleur d’accessibilité de PlayStation sera disponible à la vente en décembre.

# Disability Pride Month: PlayStation’s Access Controller Now Available for Preorder

July is Disability Pride Month, a commemoration of individuals with disabilities that originated to recognize the milestone passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. To coincide with this celebration, PlayStation has made an exciting announcement. The highly customizable Access controller will be open for preorders starting July 21st and will officially launch in the United States on December 6th.

## An Inclusive Controller for All

The Access controller by PlayStation is designed to cater to the specific needs of all players. It is profoundly customizable, allowing individuals to personalize their gaming experience. As mentioned on Sony’s blog, users have the ability to map buttons and create up to 30 different control profiles. They can also adjust stick settings, toggle commands on or off, and even disable buttons to prevent accidental pressing.

## Versatility and Compatibility

The Access controller offers remarkable versatility. It can be paired with another Access controller, a PS5 controller, or up to four additional third-party accessibility accessories. This wide range of compatibility ensures that all gamers, regardless of their individual requirements, can enjoy their favorite games with ease.

## Enhanced Accessibility at an Affordable Price

PlayStation’s Access controller aims to provide superior accessibility without breaking the bank. With a suggested retail price of $89.99, this controller is a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking an inclusive gaming experience.

In conclusion, PlayStation’s announcement of the Access controller during Disability Pride Month is a significant step towards promoting inclusivity in the gaming industry. By offering a controller that can be fully customized to accommodate individual needs, PlayStation is reinforcing its commitment to accessibility and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the world of gaming. Don’t miss your chance to preorder the Access controller before its official launch date on December 6th.

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