Netflix a lancé une application de contrôleur de jeu sur l’App Store d’Apple


Netflix recently unveiled a mysterious new gaming controller app for iOS on the App Store, as reported by TechCrunch. This free app, named “Netflix Game Controller,” is now available for download. While the app claims to allow users to connect to their TV and play games, it does not currently list any compatible games.

According to the app’s description, users will be able to play Netflix games on their TV using the Netflix Game Controller. The description also mentions that the feature is “coming soon” to Netflix. With this app, users can pair their TV with their phone or mobile device to enjoy gaming on Netflix.

Upon downloading and launching the app, users are prompted to select a game on their TV and follow the given instructions for connecting. However, these steps do not currently yield any results. Additionally, the app’s splash screen mentions that Netflix Games on TV are still in beta and not all devices may be supported at this time.

Netflix has been dropping hints about venturing into the world of gaming on TV. Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s VP of external games, expressed earlier this year that the company aims to make their games playable on all Netflix devices. Loombe also confirmed the ongoing development of a Netflix cloud gaming service, following Mike Verdu’s announcement in October that the company is seriously considering establishing one. This cloud gaming service could potentially allow users to play Netflix games on their TV.

Netflix spokesperson Chrissy Kelleher declined to comment on the matter when approached by The Verge. Currently, the game controller app is only available on the App Store and not yet accessible on the Google Play Store.

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