Les joueurs de Tears of the Kingdom ont transformé le jeu en une chambre de torture de Korok.


Have you played ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ yet? It’s been out for a while now, and things are starting to get a little concerning. While I expected players to get creative with their creations, it’s taken a dark turn that nobody could have predicted.

Let’s start with the Koroks. Those adorable, little forest creatures that litter the land in ‘Breath of the Wild’ have returned in ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, but not in the way that we were expecting. You can increase your weapon inventory by gathering Korok seeds scattered throughout the game. Additionally, you can help some Koroks who are burdened with backpacks that have separated from their friends.

However, some players have chosen to turn their backs on these innocent creatures. A quick search on TikTok will reveal videos of players killing the helpless Koroks. What was once an accident has now become an activity in itself with players going out of their way to create the most heinous torture contraptions. They’ve been burned, blasted, dragged, and crucified.

Thankfully, Koroks are immortal and can’t truly be killed. However, it doesn’t change the fact that this treatment is cruel and unnecessary. These creatures are baby-like, and they’ve never hurt anyone. It’s unfortunate that some players choose to engage in such behavior when playing a game meant for entertainment.


This shift in behavior from some players highlights the dark side of gaming culture. As video games become more advanced, so does the level of immersion. While some players choose to use this to their advantage, others take it too far.

‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ are notorious for their violent gameplay, but what happens when players take that violence outside of the game? They become desensitized to violence and may start to see it as normal, leading to dangerous and problematic behavior in real life.

Even in games like ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, where violence is not the main focus, players find ways to inflict pain on innocent characters. It’s important to remember that these games are meant for entertainment and should not be taken too seriously.

In conclusion, while ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ may seem like a harmless game, the dark turn it has taken with regards to Koroks is concerning. It’s a reminder that as gamers, we need to be mindful of our behavior and how it affects others, even if it’s just in a virtual world. Gaming should be a fun and enjoyable experience, not a platform for cruelty.

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