La console de jeu portable de Sony, la PlayStation, devrait arriver en novembre selon les rapports.


Sony has officially confirmed the release of its latest PlayStation handheld, which is set to arrive later in the year, according to reports. The device will feature an 8-inch LCD screen with DualSense-like controllers on either side, from which users can stream games from their PS5 console. While details regarding pricing and exact release date are yet to be revealed, reporter Tom Henderson claims it’s set to arrive in mid-late November 2023.


The release of Sony’s new PlayStation handheld comes at a time when handheld gaming is becoming increasingly popular amongst gamers. Nintendo’s Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck have already dominated the market in recent years, and this latest device looks set to add to the competition. However, it remains to be seen whether the PlayStation handheld will be a success given it’s limited to streaming PS5 games.


One of the criticisms levelled at the latest PlayStation handheld is that it may not offer anything different from existing mobile devices with controller options. Some industry analysts suggest that users may question whether it’s worth investing in a device that can’t play games without an internet connection, given that similar gaming experiences are already available on mobile phones or tablets.


There are suggestions, though still unconfirmed, that Sony may extend its PlayStation handheld to cloud streaming. Recent job listings, as well as comments from PlayStation chief Jim Ryan, hint at a new cloud gaming push, which could make the device more appealing to gamers. However, it remains to be seen whether PS5 owners will want a PlayStation handheld that relies solely on streaming games.


Sony’s latest PlayStation handheld has generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community. However, questions remain about whether it will be a success given it’s limited to streaming PS5 games and lacks any native gaming capabilities. Ultimately, time will tell whether Sony’s latest device can carve out a niche in the competitive handheld gaming market.

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