L’outil d’IA open-source de Google me permet de jouer à mon jeu Dreamcast préféré avec mon visage.


Google has made a new announcement during the Google I/O event, which is not just limited to their new AI initiatives. The company announced an update to machine learning suite, which runs Google Lens and Google Meet features, such as facial detection, gesture control, and object tracking. The update will enable developers to create Snapchat-like face filters and hand tracking. Additionally, Google has launched an open-source app called Project Gameface, which allows users to play games with their face instead of their hands.


In collaboration with game streamer Lance Carr, who is unable to use his hands due to his rare form of muscular dystrophy, Google has designed a piece of software that can enable anyone with a webcam to play games by tracking their head movements and gestures. Carr was streaming a Hearthstone session when a fire started in his garage, and his gear, including his head-tracking mouse and gaming PC, was destroyed. Google’s goal is to make gaming accessible to everyone, irrespective of their physical abilities.


Project Gameface is a Windows-only software that allows users to control their computer with head and face gestures. Anyone who installs this software can customize their mouse speed, flicker reduction, mouse pointer jitter, and bind gestures to various mouse, keyboard buttons and actions. The software uses webcam to track users head movements and interpret it as cursor movements on the screen.


The writer tested Project Gameface by playing one of their all-time favorite games, Rez. The learning curve was not as tough as expected, and the writer was able to adjust the sensitivities of all gestures. The game was played by moving the reticle around with head movements and firing by popping mouth open while selecting targets. The cursor would lose track often, so recentering it had quickly become second nature. However, Project Gameface has a limited number of facial gestures, so playing complex games that require multiple inputs can be problematic. It could be combined with voice input app to achieve greater control.

In conclusion, Google’s update for machine learning suite and Project Gameface is a big step towards making gaming and computer usage inclusive for everyone, irrespective of physical abilities. The software could be improved further by expanding its gesture recognition features, but the current version is still an innovative software that creates an equal opportunity for all.

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