Actualités transparentes : tous les derniers équipements technologiques à visibilité totale

**LG Display Presents New Concepts for Transparent Screens at CES 2022**

*LG Display has unveiled its innovative new concepts for transparent screens, which will be showcased at CES 2022. These concepts, namely the OLED Shelf, Shopping Managing Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window, offer exciting possibilities for various applications. It’s important to note that LG Display focuses on creating concepts for other companies to adopt and introduce to the market, distinct from LG Electronics.*

**The OLED Shelf: Transforming Your Living Room**

*One of the remarkable innovations introduced by LG Display is the OLED Shelf. This unique device consists of two 55-inch transparent OLED displays stacked on top of each other, with a shelf located at the top. Designed with the living room in mind, the OLED Shelf can be utilized to showcase artwork, watch TV shows, or simultaneously display different content on each screen. With the Always on Display Mode, the screens can stay on continuously, mimicking a piece of artwork on a wall.*

**Shopping Managing Showcase: A New Era of Retail**

*LG Display’s Shopping Managing Showcase is set to revolutionize the retail industry. With transparent screens, this concept allows stores to create captivating displays, seamlessly blending real products with digital information. These showcases can provide detailed information on products, promotions, and even personalized recommendations, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.*

**Show Window: Exceptional Advertising Displays**

*The Show Window concept developed by LG Display offers an extraordinary platform for advertising. By combining transparent screens with eye-catching visuals, businesses can create stunning advertisements that blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Show Window enables dynamic and interactive content that can engage and captivate passers-by, significantly enhancing brand visibility and marketing impact.*

**Smart Window: Integration of Technology into Living Spaces**

*LG Display’s Smart Window concept aims to integrate technology seamlessly into our living spaces. This innovative concept transforms windows into multifunctional displays, allowing users to enjoy various features. Whether it’s displaying real-time information, viewing multimedia content, or providing privacy control, the Smart Window offers a range of practical applications that enhance our daily lives.*

In conclusion, LG Display’s latest concepts for transparent screens open up endless possibilities for various industries. From transforming living rooms with the OLED Shelf to revolutionizing retail with the Shopping Managing Showcase, these innovations are set to redefine how we interact and engage with technology in our everyday lives. Stay tuned for the exciting future of transparent screens as LG Display continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

*Source: CES 2022 official website*

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